Interview Lottery

Need an ice breaker that won’t leave you sweaty, tired, disheveled, soaking wet, covered in feathers or tied to a tree? Hey, you have your ice breakers, I have mine…anyway, I’ve got a great one that’s pretty easy, fun and a little less intense than some of the games out there. This works with any size group, but it works exceptionally well with larger groups.

This game requires a trip to the dollar store and a few handy double secret volunteers. First, beforehand, pick a few youth or adults or a mix of both. Next, come up with a few list of goofy, odd, probing and absurd questions (I have taken the liberty of including some below). Then, as I said, go to the dollar store and pick up some equally awesome and absurd prizes, 3-6 or so. Now, the stage is set.

The object of the game is to win the interview lottery and receive a prize. Your secret helpers will be interviewed and interview 10 people (larger groups, up that number to 15) using the preset questions. Because the youth don’t know who they have to talk to, so their goal is to talk to as many as possible because each person they talk to is another possible prize. Have the secret helpers remember who their winner is, but the game doesn’t have to stop until you feel the conversations are slowing, then call it and one by one, have your secret agents reveal themselves and their winners.

This is a fun way to getting people to chat, get to know one another in an interesting way and encourage people to initiate discussions. It’s ideal for starting conferences or larger gatherings.

Sample Questions:
What condiment would you use as shampoo if you had to chose one?
Where is the place your feet feel most comfortable?
If you had to name your cell phone, what would you name it? And what would it name you?
Who would be the best person to be tied to for a week?
What would be the worst super power to have?
If you had to sneeze a form of candy, what form would you choose?

FYI, the worst super power to have would be teleporting in slow motion 6 inches at a time, and the best candy to have to sneeze is Pixie sticks dust. The rest of the answers are subjective.

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  1. Erica Feldhaus says:

    Hi! This game sounds really fun but I don’t quite understand how the winners are picked ? Do the secret helpers pick them? Or is it based on how many secret helpers you interview?

    1. The helpers pick them, you can use any criteria or randomly. I like the 3rd person to interview the secret person that round.

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