TP Dodgeball


Need a low-cost, high fiber…er..I mean fun, high fun game for your youth? Maybe you just have a lot of extra toilet paper. Either way, I don’t want to know. Go to Walmart or Costco, buy the cheapest toilet paper rolls you can, and prepare for TP Dodgeball.

First, start the roll a little before the game begins. That way, they slowly unroll throughout the game. In you are planning on multiple rounds, don’t put all the rolls out at once, they slowly disappear. Use the same rules as dodgeball; when you are hit, you are out. If you catch the roll, the thrower is out. Depending on how you want the game to progress, you can either have people come back in when a roll is caught, or just have the thrower go out. Variations are the spice of life. …or is that Paprika?

If you are ready to amp up the game, try playing it in a black light environment or with a strobe light. This is a fan-favorite for lock-ins and Halloween parties.

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