Quick-Find Games



Scrolling through this blog looking for a game can be cool, but time-consuming.  If you are in a crazy rush, if your laptop battery is dying, if you had taco bell recently and there’s a rumbly in your tumbly, then you can use this as a quick reference for finding the perfect game for you!

Here’s a great key for the shorthand for used below:

I=Icebreaker, T=Team-building, R= Good for a Retreat, M=Messy, $0 = No Cost, L=Leadership Development, O= Possibly Outdoors, P=Physical, F=Just For Fun

Newbie Headlines (I, R, $0)                                                Puff Suits (I, P, R, F)

Noodle Hockey (T, O, P)                                                        Blind Geometry (I, T, L, R, O)

Noodle Fencing (P, F)                                                             Build Up (T, I, R)

Noodle Balloon Race (I, P, R)                                              Piggy Bank Pile Up (I, P)

Paper Ball Challenge (I, R, $0)                                            Speed Interviews (I, R, $0)

Blind Partner Tag (T, R, $0)                                                 Up & Down (I, R, $0)

Leading The Blind (T, L, $0, R)                                           Giant Dodgeball (P, O, F)

Shark Island (T, $0, O, L)                                                      Shoe Roulette (I, R, $0)

Balanced (T, L, R, $0)                                                             Circle of Death (I, R, F)

MEGA Ball (T, O, P, R)                                                             Sumo, Robot, Ninja (I, O, R, $0, F)

Magic Carpet Race (T, L, O, R)                                             Pirate Toss (O, T, F)

Interview Lottery (I, $0)                                                      TP Dodgeball (P, F)

Mummy Unwrap (P, O, M)

Name Duels (I, T, $0)

Toe to Nose (I, T, R, $0)

Paint Mine Field (T, O)

Group Lunch (P, R)

Epic Blind Counting (T, I, R)






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