Magic Carpet Race


This is a fun team-building game for medium to large groups that is high energy, high intensity and a bit crazy, which seems to be the winning combination for most teens. It takes a few supplies, but little or no prep, so it’s ready to do at the drop of a hat.

Divide your group into teams of at least 5, though it can work with more. Each team gets a blanket, I use fleece because they are a bit hardier, the thicker and sturdier, the better. The goal of the activity is to use the blanket to transport on of your members to the other side of the field of play, then let them down and repeat with another team member back. Repeat until the whole team has gone. This can be done with a small group as a whole-group team builder, though I prefer it as a race format.

Riders should lay, though if you feel confident enough, they can squat and try to surf, though again, that’s better with a larger group so there are more spotters. A few blankets, a field and some teens, and you have a great time that forces your group to work together, have fun and get crazy in a controlled way. We’ve done some fun themes, too, like pirates, where the rider has to wear a pirate’s hat and eye patch, or Superman/woman, where the rider must wear a team’s communal Superman shirt and cape and must ride in the one-fisted flying position. Get creative and have a blast!

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