Shaving Cream Balloons


Okay, so we’ve discussed how to fill balloons with mud or paint or soup, which is a lot of fun and useful for tossing games, fights, etc., but there are some other applications that could use some other fun balloon fillings.  One such filling is shaving cream.  It’s messy and amazing.

The toughest part of these balloons is the filling process.  Place the balloon (I have the best luck with water balloons) on the nozzle.  Regular balloons’ opening is much bigger, so if you are using regular balloons, be sure to fold it over once it’s on the nozzle and hold on tight.  With either balloon type, hold the nozzle/balloon opening tightly, because the cream with follow the path of least resistance, and we want that path to be into the balloon.  Once you’ve filled the balloon to the desired size, carefully tie it off.  Now you have a balloon full of shaving cream.  Congratulations!

You can use the balloons for games in which you have to pop balloons on yourself of on others, because they explode and cover everyone within a very small radius with shaving cream.  You can even couple this activity with our game Puff Suits to create an amazing, messy game that will end with laughter, filthy teens and an unforgettable game.   


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  1. ian getman says:

    How many balloons can you fill with one can

    1. That depends on how big you make them.

  2. Kaleb Wilson says:

    Did you guys fill them the day before or the day of? How long does the foam last without going down?

    1. We recommend filling shortly beforehand. We’ve never tried overnight, but it does begin to ‘melt’ after a bit depending on temp.

      1. Kaleb Wilson says:

        Thanks. We have about 160 kids come to our end of school celebration so we are trying to figure out the most efficient way to do this.

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