New Devotional Book For Sale!


Do you enjoy this blog?  Are you looking for a new, cool devotional to use yourself or with your teens?  Are you used to rhetorical questions like these, or should I list more?

Don’t Judge a Savior By His Sandals is a month-long devotional book designed for all ages but targeted to teens so that everyone can read, learn and grow together.  Each entry uses a story or experience as a parablesque metaphor for a more complex faith issue, so at the very least, you may find them mildly entertaining as well.  Currently the book is available in paperback from (link below) or as an eBook through Amazon (link below, too) and hopefully coming soon to Amazon in paperback (no link yet).

Paperback from

eBook from

This book if good for teens, adults, families, youth workers, zoo keepers, gypsies, lefties, righties, the ambidextrous, vikings and anyone named Carl, Marla or  Fernando.  Especially those named Fernando…

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