Paint Mine Field


This is a fun new spin on an old favorite. Partner your youth up and give them a blindfold. Each group will work together to traverse a “minefield” to get to the other side unscathed. One will be blindfolded, the other will direct them verbally (meaning no touchie!) through to the other side. This is the old favorite, and it’s fun.

…but we’re going to amp it up a bit.

instead of balloons or chairs or other “mines”, we’re going to use paper plates full of craft paint, and lots of them. Oh, and we’re going to make it a race. The goal is to reach the other side as clean and quickly as possible. Want the make it even crazier? Place a few large paint-filled balloons around the field, too.

Craft paint doesn’t stain clothes, but it may make it difficult to sit through a lesson throughout the remaining youth time, so maybe you should do this at the end, or as a special event. Outdoors is best. In years past, I have bought paper suits for people to wear, which can be helpful. This game is a crazy mess that is fun and fosters communication and teamwork between partners. As always, when someone is blindfolded, be sure to be extra careful, because for some reason, teens can think it’s okay to run crazily blindfolded. Running is part of this game, but being careful is important. Safety first, mess second. Enjoy!

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