Toe to Nose


This game is a fun, crazy, high-energy partner-based game of musical chairs. It’s a lot of fun and a great ice-breaker opening game. It takes very little or no prep, and no real supplies.

Have the youth form two circles, on within the other. When the music plays, the two circles should slowly walk in opposite directions. When the music stops, shout out two body parts (from a pre-approved list below) and the youth have to find a partner from the other circle to touch together. The first part said is the inner circle, the second the outer. For example, if you shout out toe to nose, someone from the inner circle would have to touch their toe to the nose of someone from the outer circle.

This game also can be an elimination-based game with a few changes. First, anyone can do the parts yelled out, regardless of circle. Second, you will have to change the number of parts, so that each round someone is eliminated. So, you could say toe to nose, or elbow to heel to finger, or thumb to toe to elbow to chin. It’s chaotic and confusing, it keeps the youth active and goofy, and it’s an ice breaker that’s fresh and high energy.

Parts you should use:

Want things to get wild? Add armpit to the rotation.

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