Mummy Unwrap


Traditionally, the Mummy Wrap is a Halloween game, and for good reason.  But, with this special 2-round Mummy game, it’s best to do in the summer or early fall, so we can be outside and it’s warm (depending on where you are reading this), though you can of course do this inside over plastic or on tile.  

Round 1 is your traditional Mummy Wrap (pictured above).  Each team gets 2-3 rolls of toilet paper and has to wrap up their mummy the fastest.  I recommend hands at their sides, and if they are going to have the mummy spin, to make sure there’s someone on the team spotting the dizzy mummy, so no one falls when they can’t catch themselves.  Round one goes to the fastest mummy wrappers, but don’t let them not finish or unwrap just yet, we’ve got another round on it’s way, and all bets are off.

Round 2 requires a trip to the dollar store in the summertime and the purchasing of cheap squirt guns or you can use spray bottles, though spray bottles tend to make this go by too quickly for my tastes.  The team’s new goal is to have the mummy shed their wraps by squirting the wrapping so it becomes heavy and falls apart.  The fully wrapped mummy can no longer move their feet, but can wiggle and gyrate to move the wraps.  Arms must remain firmly at their sides, this is not a “Hulk out” challenge.  In the end, you will have some slightly wettened youth and several piles of wet toilet paper and you won’t be able to stop laughing.  

If you are doing this in the summer and outdoors, you can have the youth wear bathing suits, as they are obviously getting wet.  If you do so, you can add food coloring to the squirt guns to make this a colorful activity, too, or one of my favorite add-ons when outside and using bathing suited youth is the addition of water balloons.  I usually set up a parameter the balloon throwers can’t enter and all the other rules for the mummy remain.  No matter how you play this game, it’ll be a great time and you should have a camera handy!  Enjoy!

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