Up & Down


What this game lacks in a good name, it makes up for in a 10 on the delightfulness meter. It’s a fun ice breaker and gets people out of their heads. You will need an odd number of people, so if there are an even number, you play too.

Have your group circle up and look at one another. When you say “down”, everyone looks at their feet. Then count out loud to 3 and say “up”, at which time, everyone immediately looks up at someone in the circle. If that person is looking back at them, they both have to scream, then they’re out. Continue until you have one person left, the winner, and the only person who didn’t have to scream during the game. It’s an easy game with no prep or supplies needed.

For an added goofiness to bump this game up to a solid 10 on the delightfulness meter is after your youth screams, have them pantomime an exaggerated, drawn out movie-style death.

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