Welcome to Shark Island!


This is another one of my go to team-building retreat games.  It’s fun, tests personal boundaries and forces teens to work together.  It takes very little prep and no real supplies, but be sure that no one in your group’s ever lost someone close to a shark attack – if so, change the name to something else.  Jellyfish Island, maybe?  Lava Island?  Paper Cuts, Slivers and Lemon Juice Island?  Get nutty.

The point is simple: get everyone on the island.  The trouble, the island is small.  How small? Depends on the size of your group and your resources.  I recommend finding something around you to use like a fallen log, a giant rock, whatever you have handy.  If there’s nothing handy, you can use a board, a towel, anything that’s smaller than convenient for your group to stand on.  The finish: when the whole group is on the island for 10 seconds straight.  Everything is fair game, so people on shoulders, gymnastic antics, double joints…your group has to make it work.

I try to use something up off the ground.  It helps with knowing whether or not everyone is on the platform and adds a little danger (not really) to the game.  Try to budget enough time to let this go as long as it takes.  These games can be tough, and letting it run it’s course will give you the best chance to grow as a group.  Have fun, and avoid the sharks.

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