MEGA ball!


MEGA Ball has been an incredible investment for our group so I wanted to share with you guys!  We purchased a jumbo beach ball advertised as 8 ft., though I think that’s not exactly accurate, from Amazon (link below) for around $100 (it’s more expensive now, it must have sensed this shining endorsement coming).  Since then, we’ve developed a game we play called MEGA Ball that’s outrageously fun.  We use the ball more for our Junior High School group, as it seems to wear them out more, and they come to church with an obscene amount of energy to begin with, but our High Schoolers enjoy it, too.

The point of the game is to pass the MEGA Ball over the goal line on the opposite side of the field.  The ball itself starts on the center line, much like soccer, and the teams rush from their goal lines to start the game.  Each time the ball goes out, which will be a lot if the field is too narrow, the ball is reset and the teams begin on their goal lines again.  You can roll the ball or, as my youth prefer to do, use your shoulder to propel the ball forward.  I try to discourage kicking the ball for two reasons – it’s ineffective as a way to move the ball very far, and it hurts a lot.  Due to the size of the ball and our lack of a gymnasium, we have to play it outdoors, but if you had access to a gym, I see no reason why this couldn’t be an indoor game, too, by substituting an end zone with opposite walls and eliminating the out of bounds part of the game.

Unlike many of the games on here, this does require special equipment that you can’t normally by at the corner store and the time to blow up the ball (we store it deflated) which with an air compressor is around 2 hours.  There are a lot of benefits to having this ball, this game only being one.  We use the ball for VBS outdoor rec and the little kids LOVE it.  Even just running around the ball to play tag seems to be a huge hit.  Also, it is HIGHLY visible, so it can be an attention-getter for people passing by.  More than once, I have seen cars slow down to watch us play as they pass, and for our program, it continues to foster the community view that our church does outrageous things with our youth.  Don’t worry, I am still going to try to bring fun, easy activities and games that are easy to do and inexpensive to execute, but if you have an end of the year budget surplus, an oddly specific donation that you can’t use toward other things, or simply have some room in your budget for something that I think you will find a great investment, check out MEGA Ball.

We got our MEGA Ball here.

We also produced a MEGA Ball video using our Go Pro, so you can get an idea of what kind of shenanigans we’re getting into…


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