Epic Blind Counting


This one is a great team building activity for any size group, but especially large groups. It’s no set-up, no prep, and can be a great activity to do on the fly.

Have the group circle up facing outward. You can have them link arms or touch shoulders, but it doesn’t matter, as long as they can’t make eye contact with the wider group. You then challenge the group to count up to 100 out loud. The rules are simple: no one can say 2 numbers in a row, if two people say the same number, you have to start over, and there is no “table talk”, meaning that the only things the group can say are the numbers themselves. This is an interesting and unique team-building activity that will push the group to problem solve in their heads, work together with some out-of-the-box communication and cooperation.

The easiest and fastest solution is the group counts around the circle until they reach 100. This is the most common solution groups come to, and it usually takes between 10-20 minutes, though some groups do it the hard way, which can take much longer. Some variations to make it harder for advanced groups is that you can’t say a number after your neighbor, or you have to alternate boy/girl.

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