Group Lunch


This team-building game is an easy add-on to any retreat or overnight. It’s little prep and low-cost. You will need a bandana per person and a meal to eat. I usually have the teens pack a lunch or if you are in a cafeteria setting, that works too. Ordering pizza is less of a challenge, but in a bind will work fine.

After the group has their lunches out and on the table, tie their hands (both of them) to the person next two them, right to left, and left to right. you should have a circle of bound teens around the table. The challenge is to have them eat their lunch bound together. Taking bites, drinking from cups, cleaning up…it’s all more difficult when you need to work with two other people to do it. The best part is, you already budgeted this time into your schedule for lunch, so it doesn’t take time out of your schedule.

So, tie up those teens and make ’em eat. It’s a fun way to have a meal and build some comradery, too.

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