Speed Interviews


One of my favorite retreat ice breakers is called Speed Interviews. They cram a whole lotta meeting in a short amount of time, needs little or no prep, and can be a ton of fun.

Partner your group off with people they don’t know, if there is an odd number, you participate. The pairs then get 60 seconds (each) to interview each other, gathering as much info as possible. Then, one by one, they stand up and present what they learned to the wider group. The member or pair that is able to share the most facts learned in the interview wins!

This is great for getting people out of their comfort zones immediately, since time is part of the challenge. It also can form quick friends for the retreat, if you are working primarily with teens that don’t know each other very well. The only thing you need is a time piece and a prize, and as a youth director, you should always have a prize and a few easy games at the ready. Enjoy!

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