Piggy Bank Pile Up


Looking for a fun relay game? All you need is a couple dollars’ worth of pennies and some buckets. It takes minimal set up and is a great team-building, trust building activity.

You can do this as a set of pairs, or large groups. One member of the team has to transport a dollar’s worth of pennies to the bank, or bucket in our case. How they do so is stacking the pennies on their foreheads. How many they want to take at a time is up to them, but if any pennies fall, they have to go back to the start. With the pennies stacked on their faces, they need their team to direct them verbally to the bucket and tell them when to dump it. Because of the way their heads’ have to be to maintain penny stacks, you don’t need blindfolds and it is nearly impossible for someone to cheat. For fun, I like to take a picture of a piggy bank on each bucket.

This is a great game for pictures or video, too. Inevitably, someone will try to do this with the entire stack of pennies, which will cause them to walk slowly, strangely, and make a truly awesome face. This game takes very little prep, and you can do multiple rounds, so if you are doing this as a partner activity, both partners can go.

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