Newbie Headlines



This game is a great game for getting to know you, first-time group meetings.  I like to use it when confirmation classes first join the Sr. High ministry or when a small group first starts up.  It takes a little prep, but is an easy, fun game.

Have everyone write 2 things that are unknown to the rest of the group on slips of paper.  Tell them that the more unique, the better.  Collect the slips and put them into a hat/bucket/hollowed out book/peg leg.  Then, add a few additional slips of your own creation, things that are odd but believable.  I’ve listed a few examples at the bottom.  Then, one by one, pick a slip and read it allowed.  The group then has to guess who’s it is, or if it’s no one’s.  The person who wrote it’s goal is to not be picked; the goal of everyone else is to guess correctly; your goal is to get the group to guess the goofy ones for one of the youth.

Depending on the flow, you can use each of these slips as a mini-conversation starter, talking briefly about each, hopefully creating connections between the youth present and getting people talking.


Possible Decoy Slips Examples:

I was born with a tail.

I only eat the green M&M’s, and only 2 at a time.

My favorite toy growing up was an old sock with lips drawn on it.

I have an acute allergy to the glue on Post-it notes.

My first nickname was “Glue Face”.



*The decoy slips should be silly/goofy, but not something that’d be offensive if someone were to guess it about another teen.*




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