Blind Geometry


This game is a great one for team-building, especially on retreats. Plus, it includes some shapes and letters, so it’s sort of like doing homework, right?

Each youth needs a blindfold and you will need a rope that is long enough for everyone to be able to hold the rope and not be too close to the next person. The object is to, as a group, use the rope to create a shape or letter. Start slow, like a triangle. Then, based on their ease or struggle, you can have them do other shapes. If they are good, have them do a square or octagon. If they struggle, move to letters like “L” or “V”. If they are too good, give them shapes like a circle or a figure 8.

If your group enjoys this and you want to do it again, possible variations to keep it fresh are having only one person be able to talk but also be blindfolded, or you can add time limits or have words like “left, right, backward, forward, etc.” not allowed, so the group has to use code words.

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