Blessing Cards


If you have a crafty group, or if you are looking for a creative way to discuss our many blessings during Lent or near Thanksgiving or simply to do something cool, this activity is great. Have each youth bring a deck of cards that they don’t mind having not cards afterward. I usually like to provide some different vintage or unique decks available if possible. Then, with some scrap booking supplies and some sharpies, start having the youth write a unique blessing in their lives for each card on the card itself. The more creative, the better.

Have a hole punch available and punch a hole in each card’s corner so that you can create a “book” of blessings. You can use a key ring or ribbon to bind them, creating a rainy day reminder of all God is doing in their lives. This event is great for a group of any size, so it doesn’t hurt to have the supplies handy if you need to do something for a small group or if you need to fill some time. You can include time to share booklets with each other or to share a blessing with the larger group, or you can have this be a personal reflection, something that they take home and keep private.

Any ideas on how to augment this activity? Have you tried this craft and want to share your experiences? Let us know!

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