Looking For A Guest Blogger?


Youth Ministry is a group sport.  Too often we think of ourselves as on our own teams, coaching and recruiting a winning lineup to, what, compete against other ministries?  It seems silly when you put it like that, but in a lot of ways, that’s EXACTLY what we do.  We stack numbers against each other’s groups, we boast the biggest events, the most active teens, the best logos…

Instead, we at Handy Dandy want to help connect one another.  We are more powerful together than pitted against one another, and we all have the same goal: to inspire teens into a life worthy of the calling of Jesus Christ.  That is the purpose of this blog, in the way that we try to encourage, educate and equip youth directors with some new, fun, exciting or enlightening materials.  But, if we are truly trying to further the kingdom, our reach has become only as limited as this blog and it’s (few) followers.  That is not enough!  So, we are reaching out, calling all youth bloggers!  We at Handy Dandy are looking to partner with other youth blogs and provide guest content as a way of connecting into a web of Christian-Youth-Worker-Blog-Helping-Infoness…we’ll work on a better term later.

If you are interested in having Handy Dandy Youth Ministry do a guest post, or have our content creator Kellen Roggenbuck create content for your blog, let us know!  We can’t promise we can accommodate every request, but we sure will try!  Our only request is that you link back to us here so that all of our free and helpful content can reach as many people as possible.  We will hopefully also be adding a page that will link to all of our guest posts on different blogs, so that we can – again – create that web of Christian-Youth-Worker…stuff.  Comment or contact us directly.  Thanks!

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