Wrapping Paper Fashion Show


I know it’s March 27, which of course means you are thinking, “I better figure out what we’re doing for our Christmas Party!”  I get it, it’s just around the corner.  With all of the holiday shopping, who has the time these days?  Well, since you asked (not really) we are answering.

For a group that isn’t huge into egg nog chugging or an overly active game, we’ve got a great activity!  It will cost you about $5 in wrapping paper (less right now in the off-season), tape, bows, ribbon…anything you need for wrapping presents.  You can do this as a group activity or in pairs, the activity is the same: each group/pair gets a role of paper, a share of the bows, ribbon, tape, etc, and a time limit.  They are to create a fashion garment ABOVE the clothes of one of the team member’s clothes.  The clothes do not have to be traditional, gender-specific, seasonal or even tasteful, just solely made out of the materials given.  Then, the teams have a fashion show in which the wearer walks a runway.  You and the other leaders are judges and you can award prizes or simply do this for fun.

This activity, in addition to being fun, timely around Christmas and easy, will yield you amazing pictures that you can hold over the heads of students for the entire coming year.  This activity is a delight and I am confident you will enjoy it for years and parties to come!

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