HD SoundBytes


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Welcome to HD SoundBytes, a monthly twenty-song curated playlist brought to you by HDYM to meet the needs of each area of your youth ministry service.  For this first installment you will find the HDYM PreService mix.  This is a high energy, modern mix that will help create an atmosphere that your students will love to be part of!

playlist click.jpg

Directions: Once you have clicked on the link, the playlist will load on your Spotify app. Under the title you will find the “follow” button. Make sure to click it so that the playlist will be saved to your own account without linking each week. You will now locate this when you click “your library > playlists” on mobile, or just “playlists” on the installed desktop version.  Enjoy!

HD SoundBytes are brought to you by HDYM contributor Johnathan Key.

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